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Individuals with Disabilities Act Essays -- essays papers

Individuals with Disabilities Act Everyone says, "We need to help the schools more, it's all about the students." An act was created in 1975, to help those students who were disabled. This law has been criticized by many administrators and teachers. Over the years, because of these criticisms it has been revised and expanded throughout different schools. Higher education figures, such as principles, need to look closely at this act. They're have been cases in schools that have discriminated against this law. People who do or do not have a disability should know about this law and what it exactly means. This law has various amounts of positive key aspects concerning it. Some think its fair, and some do not. Education is suppose to help kids grow into adults with knowledge they have retained and make a good living for themselves. Disabled kids should have this advantage too. "The IDEA is a civil rights act, not an entitlement program." (Gordon and Keiser) This law is an expansion and revision of a law once called, "Education for All Handicapped Children Act." Now it is known as the law of â€Å"Individuals with Disabilities Act." It is known that "President Clinton signed the 1997 revised IDEA amendments into law to help make a fair and balanced compromise for everyone." (Marchand) Legislation was strict when leveling the terms concerning this law. The government has special fundings for special education in schools. It guarantee’s free education for children with disabilities ages 3-21 years of age. In time, this soon meant that, schools would have to have special transportation abilities for students. For students in wheel chairs, they created ramps so it was be easy to have access into the school. Elevators were rapidly bu... Access, Equilty, and Quality For Students With Disabilities In School-to-work systems: A Guide to Federal Law and Polices. Eric Digest. Retrievd from Eric database. ( 2001, August ). School Law News. Court: Emotionally Disabled Entitled to IDEA services, Issue 17, p.1-2. Retrived September 30, 2004, from Academic Search Premier. ( 2004, March ). Early Years. Education Journal, Issue 75, p.22. Retrieved September 30, 2004, from Academic Search Premier. Gordon, Michael., Keiser, Shelby. (Eds). (2000). Accommodations In Higher Education Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). New York: GSI Publications. Vogel, S.A., Reder, Stephen. (Eds). (1998). Learning Disabilities, Literacy and Adult Education. Baltimore: Paul H. Brookes Publishing. Wright, Peter, Wright, Pamela. (1997). Wrightslaw. Retrieved November 15, 2004 Http://wrightslaw.

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Mgmt Quiz

1. While there are many routes to competitive advantage, they all involve B. delivering superior value to buyers in ways rivals cannot readily match. 2. A low-cost leader can translate its low-cost advantage over rivals into superior profit performance by B. either using its low-cost edge to underprice competitors and attract price sensitive buyers in large enough numbers to increase total profits or refraining from price-cutting and using the low-cost advantage to earn a bigger profit margin on each unit sold. 3. The major avenues for achieving a cost advantage over rivals include A. liminating or curbing non-essential cost-producing activities and performing essential value chain activities more cost-effectively that rivals. Â   4. A differentiation-based competitive advantage E. often hinges on incorporating features that (1) raise the performance of the product or (2) lower the buyer's overall costs of using the company's product or (3) enhance buyer satisfaction in intangible or non-economic ways or (4) deliver value to customers by exploiting competitive capabilities that rivals can't match. 5.Which of the following is not one of the pitfalls of a low-cost provider strategy? B. Using a cost-based advantage to improve the company's bargaining position with high-volume buyers 6. Opportunities to differentiate a company's product offering C. can exist in supply chain activities, R, manufacturing activities, distribution and shipping or marketing, sales and customer service. 7. In which of the following circumstances is a strategy to be the industry's overall low-cost provider not particularly well matched to the market situation?When buyers have widely varying needs and special requirements and when the cost of switching purchases from one seller to another are relatively high.8. The objective of competitive strategy is to B. build advantage in the marketplace by giving buyers superior value relative the offerings of rival sellers.9. Successful differentiation allows a firm to D. command a premium price for its product and/or increase unit sales and/or gain buyer loyalty to its brand.10. The generic types of competitive strategies include C. ow-cost provider, broad differentiation, focused low-cost, focused differentiation and best cost provider strategies.11. Easy-to-copy differentiating features A. do not offer the promise of sustainable competitive advantage.12. A competitive strategy to be the low-cost provider in an industry works well when E. All of these.13. The most appealing approaches to differentiation are E. those that are tough for rivals to duplicate and that also have considerable buyer appeal. Read also Quiz Week 414. A company that succeeds in differentiating its product offering from those of its rivals can usually E.All of the above.15. A strategy to be the industry's overall low-cost provider tends to be more appealing than a differentiation or focus strategy when C. the offerings of rival firms are essentially identical, standardized, commodity-like products.16. Which of the following is not one of the five generic types of competitive strategy? E. A market share dominator strategy17. Perceived value and signaling value are often an important part of a successful differentiation strategy when E. All of these.18. A competitive strategy of striving to be the low-cost provider is particularly attractive when E. switching costs are high, price competition is strong, and buyers tend to use the industry's products in many different ways.19. A low-cost leader's basis for competitive advantage is D. meaningfully lower overall costs than competitors.20. A company's competitive strategy deals with A. management's game plan for securing a competitive advantage relative to rivals.

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Effects Of The Internet On Society - 1767 Words

The world wide web, otherwise called the internet, came about in the 1960s and was primarily used for researchers and academia. But since the 1990s, the internet has had that revolutionary effect on the culture and commerce in our society. This includes communication by email, instant messaging, and internet phone calls. In addition, there is also the world wide web with discussion forums, social networking sites, and online shopping sites, which people, despite their generational differences, utilize to their own benefit. However, these are the icing on the internet cake. Now, the internet, since its inception remains one of the world s most revolutionary piece of technology. Despite its positives, there are many negatives and the†¦show more content†¦Many parents can attest to these accusations since they are a primary source in their children’s behaviors. The internet is an addition. Consequently, the average millennial spends at least 20 hours a week on the intern et. Surfing sites and most popular ones are online dating, online gaming, and social networking sites. A study conducted by the ICMPA in which they â€Å"asked 200 students at the College Park campus to give up all media for 24 hours†(Int. Center for Media and the Public Agenda). After their abstinence, they were to blog on a website explaining their experiences. The results were unexpected. As a result, students complained mostly about â€Å"losing their personal connections†¦ [such as] lack of access to text messaging, phone calling, instant messaging, email, and Facebook† (ICMPA). These students, despite their suffering, will rather crumble in boredom than meet their friends who live close by or within their dorm building. Continuing the world without their media entertainment meant continuing without their connections to their loved ones. Additionally, extensive use of social media is directly correlated with loneliness. According to Appel, â€Å"moderated re gression analyses showed that Internet-related communication quality.... Was associated with more loneliness (Appel). Adolescence nowadays associates their self worth with numerical values. In reality, the amount of followers one has, the amount of likes, and the amount of shares defines one’s socialShow MoreRelatedThe Internet And Its Effect On Society1553 Words   |  7 PagesAbstract This research paper is about the Internet. I choose to write a Qualitative essay because the Internet has a myriad of information to speak on. Moreover, using the Qualitative research method over the Quantitative research gave me a chance to become more knowledgeable in exactly what I was writing on. It also gave me a chance to understand and become more aware of the topic to write a great essay. Additionally, when I looked at the numerical data from the Quantitative research the informationRead MoreThe Internet And Its Effect On Society1540 Words   |  7 Pagesare living in a world where the Internet has become an integral part of our everyday life. Everything is at our fingertips through the Internet: school, work, business, personal, and so forth; that our society has made its usage almost mandatory. It has made everything easier and people today cannot even imagine how their lives would be without this genre of technologies. But, we cannot expect that something as useful as the Internet will not have adversely effects in people. However, in this technologicalRead MoreThe Internet And Its Effect On Society1590 Words   |  7 PagesPoint in case, the Internet is an aspect of the 21st century that had no place in previous generations, yet occupies a percentage of time nowadays. The Internet has many positive features, yet numerous, less known harmful effects on society, affecting different age groups and parts of the population in different ways. The Internet is predominantly a catalyst for communication; communication that would otherwise have been extremely difficult or impossible to initiate. The Internet helps people stayRead MoreThe Internet And Its Effect On Society Essay1200 Words   |  5 Pagesuniversal PC s net known as Internet . Internet is essential need of young time today; youth can get by without sustenance yet can t make due without web. Above all else, Internet gives access to a considerable measure of data. Some of them are exceptionally valuable in your employment different aides in your pastime. At first web was not so conspicuous but instead after advancement in adaptable development web has wound up crucial need of people in worldwide. Internet has extended correspondenceRead MoreThe Internet And Its Effect On Society1614 Words   |  7 PagesIn today’s world, the internet is the leading source of information and the leading way of communication. Every year, technology improves, and so does society’s dependence on it. The use of the internet has made a huge impact in the society causing controversy. Social media can help people to communicate and to be in touch with their families and friends, but it can also disconnect people from reality. This can be seen in today s new generations, since children and adolescents tend to be more involvedRead MoreThe Internet And Its Effect On Society3739 Words   |  15 PagesThe Internet is a debatably the most important invention that mankind has ever accomplished. Having access to everyone at any given time is something of a dream back in the past and now that it is here there is no stopping the effects it has on society. Social media, GPS, email the list goes on and on what the Internet can do, it would be a shorter list to just tell what the Internet cannot do. Having this being said businesses have felt the effects of the ever growing technology of the World WideRead MoreThe Internet And Its Effects On Society Essay1834 Words   |  8 Pagesof this common, every-day scenario, is the internet. Winston Ross, a Senior Writer for Newsweek described the internet as the following, â€Å"It is available, affordable and accessible† (Ross 3). The internet is a positive technological advancement that has contributed immensely to socialization, education and work life. Though the internet is known for being addictive and distracting, the benefits of using it far outweigh any potential risks. The internet is used today across the world as a large socialRead MoreThe Internet And Its Effect On Society1852 Words   |  8 Pagesthousands more will â€Å"like† an Instagram photo†¦and that’s if they read very quickly (Marrouat). Today, many people use the Internet for everything. The internet has many benefits, anyone that has a computer with internet can find any information and can even add to it. That’s why the Internet is known as the collected knowledge of millions of people. The most popular tool of the Internet though, is its way for socialization. Socialization is referring to the way people communicate and how they do it. ThereRead MoreThe Internet And Its Effect On Society917 Words   |  4 PagesThe internet is a cyberspace of knowledge compacted to fit in to the palm of our hands. It has the power to connect us to people across the ocean, deliver food to our homes and even help us meet the love of our lives. However, this type of power co mes with a great responsibility of its own. Nowadays, the internet has become a way to target those who are gullible or those who have limited knowledge of it. The internet now has had an especially big impact when it comes to children and sexual predatorsRead MoreThe Internet And Its Effect On Society1371 Words   |  6 PagesThe introduction of the Internet to society resulted in the opportunity for people to produce, consume and share creative content. This culture of online production and consumption is bound to copyright and fair use laws. While these laws have the capacity to protect an individual’s ownership of intellectual property and creative content, they are not conducive to a vibrant culture of creativity. The Internet and its evolution of search engine engagement has cultivated an online community that can

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Psychodynamic Approaches And The Psychodynamic Approach

The purpose of understanding and utilizing a variety of psychodynamic approaches is for the humanistic well-being, in connection with the client using a client –centered therapeutic approach. The reason for using a psychodynamic approach is unveiling the conscious and unconscious mind, from the client’s emotional state of mind. The psychodynamic approach focuses on the beginning stages of the clients childhood years, typically analyzing events from birth breaking from six years old. The human mind unconscious and conscious state determines who we are and how we will be from our past carrying over to our present, and dictating our future. Henceforth, the effects of our state of mind come from past events in our subconscious mind, which plays a major role in our adult life. As an illustration, Sigmund Fraud, a psychologist theoretical ordained the importance of childhood events, which play a major part in our daily lives. The definition of psychodynamic approach is uncons cious thoughts, pressures of society, family events, people’s childhood event, and biological forces. A professional person in the area of psychology must be in tune, with the client using empathy and code of ethics. For example, the theories are psychoanalysis, analytical, or individual approach which deals with the person’s state of well-being. Second, the therapeutic sides explore a ray of techniques from a psychodynamic approach, with an umbrella for therapeutic approaches using Psychoanalysis,Show MoreRelatedDiscuss What Makes the Psychodynamic Approach Unique. Refer to Other Approaches in Your Answer. (12 Marks)1115 Words   |  5 Pagesteacher ‘why are there so many approaches to psychology?’ Their teacher replies ‘ Because each has something different to offer to our understanding of behaviour, making each approach unique.’ Discuss what makes the psychodynamic approach unique. Refer to other approaches in your answer. (12 marks) In terms of human behaviour, psychology provides alternative perspectives, known as approaches, which give explanation to human behaviours. What makes each approach unique is that they all have theirRead MoreCognitive Theories And Theories Of Psychology1526 Words   |  7 PagesThere are many approaches that psychologists have developed in order to understand certain behavior. The most common approaches in psychology are psychodynamic, behavior, cognitive, humanistic, and biological approaches. The ultimate goal of each method is to help individuals change unhealthy thoughts, behaviors, and emotions. However, these different approaches use different techniques to form assumptions and explanations about abnormality. In this essay, cognitive and psychodynamic are the two approachesRead MoreDifferent Styles And Modes Of Treatment1086 Words   |  5 PagesThe process of therapy includes various styles and modes of treatment. These different styles can be utilized during couples, family and individual counseling. There are also different techniques, theories, and approaches that a therapist can use throughout this process. Many therapists may be specialized in one area of counseling. One that is trained in individual therapy only is typically not adequately prepared to do couple’s therapy. It would be beneficial for a therapist to be trained in eachRead MoreFour Major Approaches to Clinical Psychology1803 Words   |  7 PagesThere are many approaches to clinical psychology; the four major approaches are in psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, humanistic, and family systems. Using the four major approaches contributes to the effectiveness in treatment by identifying the goals of each approach. The paper will break down the approaches, goals, techniques, and the overall approaches used. Philosophical Origins of Clinical Psychology ApproachesAs Thomas Plante (2005) cleverly suggested, clinical psychology is both a scienceRead MorePersonality Analysis Paper1521 Words   |  7 Pagesacross people† (Allport, 1962). Although there are several approaches to the personality analysis, this paper will specifically focus on the psychodynamic, humanistic and existential approaches. This paper will compare and contrast these theories, explore the characteristics that accompany these theories, and explain the interpersonal relational aspects associated with these particular theories. Psychodynamic Theory The theory of psychodynamics is the basic study of all psychological abilities thatRead MorePsychological Theories Of Psychology And Psychology1143 Words   |  5 Pagesmainstream psychological approaches fall under several main categories namely psychodynamic, behavioral, humanistic, cognitive, and developmental approaches. These psychological theories play a significant role in psychopathology. This paper describes the psychodynamic approach and explains how the theory views the person in general. This paper also explains how the theory works with psychopathology and explains treatment modality in respect to this the theory. The psychodynamic approach originated fromRead Moremodels and approaches relate to client need, therapeutic context and aims and objectives of the therapy.1106 Words   |  5 Pagesï » ¿Through analysis and evaluation of models and approaches within counselling and psychotherapy therapeutic delivery, explain how models and approaches relate to client need, therapeutic context and aims and objectives of the therapy. Psychotherapists will be educated in various different models and whether they are approaching a client through the concept of observing external behaviours, the Behaviourist approach for example in which a therapist will look to condition new behaviours, or throughRead MoreEvaluating the Main Theories of Counselling Essay1695 Words   |  7 Pagescounselling within the module covered this term. The three approaches in discussion are psychodynamics, cognitive behavioural and humanistic. The psychodynamic theory originated from Sigmund Freud, a medical doctor and philosopher (1856 - 1939) founded in the 1900s. Freud developed his ideas whilst working as a psychiatrist in Vienna, collecting information from his patients such as feelings, thoughts and early childhood experiences. The psychodynamic theory focuses on the unconscious mind. Freud’sRead MoreSystemic Psychodynamic Coaching in the Workplace1429 Words   |  6 PagesSystemic Psychodynamic Coaching in the Workplace: Workplace coaching is a term that refers to the process of equipping people in the working environment with necessary tools, opportunities, and knowledge for total development in order to enhance their effectiveness from an individual, organizational, and work perspective. Workplace coaching has emerged as a major concept in modern organizations since leaders, researchers, and organizations have identified it as a crucial competency in leadershipRead MoreAssess the Strengths and Weaknesses of the Psychodynamic Approach to Understanding Personality1681 Words   |  7 PagesStrengths and Weaknesses of the Psychodynamic approach to understanding personality The psychodynamic approach was proposed by Freud. This approach towards personality is based on the notion of underlying forces such as the id, ego and superego which are either present from birth or develop during childhood shape our behaviour and personality as such. Experiences in childhood are proposed to be the basis of human personality, according to Freud and as such Psychodynamic theory proposes that some undesirable

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Analysis Of Marriot International And Marketing Management

According to Davenport (2006), an analytics competitor has the capabilities of gaining insight based on a consumer’s consumption to better make business decisions while optimizing the business processes. Many top organizations such as Amazon, Capital One and even the Boston Red Sox have implemented programs that allow for their company to better determine the products and prices of products that appeal to consumers. These programs also provide companies with the power to determine how to market, based upon the consumer’s fluctuating income and its influence over the rising and falling of demand and supply chains. While this process of collecting and processing data may be beneficial to the company, the data gathered should be collected in an ethical manner. (Davenport, 2006, p.99-100) As noted earlier, there are many organizations who have mastered the skill set of becoming an analytics competitor. Some companies have implemented the approach taken by Marriot International. Marriot International has not only mastered the revenue management, it has become one of the top analytics competitors because of its ability to efficiently use its Total Hotel Optimization program. The program allows for Marriot International to expand their quantitative expertise far beyond establishing room prices to allow for the program to be used in areas such as catering and conference facilities. Marriot International has also made these tools readily accessible via the internet; allowing forShow MoreRelatedThe Case Of Marriott International1379 Words   |  6 Pagesyears Marriot has adopted a drudgery incursion into its revenue management, the reason is simple if a hotel still maintain profit and charge customer at a high rate if the hotel decides to reduce price it will lead to more unoccupied room thus giving more money to its customers [5]. This recent change has made the system to act speedily so that prices can be easily determined for the hotel rooms. As a result of this success Marriott International is planning to incorporate revenue management intoRead MoreMarketing Researchs Crucial Role in Helping Marriott Hotels Essay952 Words   |  4 PagesIntroduction Apart from innovativeness and incisive management, Marketing Research has played a crucial role in helping Marriot segment the market and successfully launch and develop its line of hotels. Marketing research has been a significant backbone for the success of Marriott. Therefore, marketing research is an important requisite for Marriott to keep track of their changing consumer and business customer needs, to identify new opportunities in the hospitality service sector, to further developRead MoreMarriott International Brand Management Performance Essay1547 Words   |  7 Pagesfocus on Marriott International brand management performance and how the company has skillfully implemented strong branding strategies while operating 16 different brands. The brands studied were The Ritz-Carlton, Courtyard Marriot, Residence Inn Marriot and Fairfield Inn Suites. The brands are categorized as luxury, upscale, upper midscale and midscale respectively. They differ from each other in terms of co mpany size, specific business area of a key-brand, unique marketing offers, innovativenessRead MoreSwot Pest Analyse of Marriot International2303 Words   |  10 PagesMarriott International Introduction This research focused on SWOT analysis, Porters 5 forces model and PEST analysis of Marriott . Marriot International is a leading company with more than 3,700 lodging properties in 73 countries and territories. [Marriott International] Marriott International manages many hotels brands. Marriott Hotels amp; Resorts are located more than five hundred hotels, two-thirds of them - in the U.S. This is a hotel with a full range of services: they are equipped fitnessRead MoreThe Internal Environment Analysis : Wyndham Worldwide1590 Words   |  7 Pagesin the industry. An internal and external analysis of the company, opportunities, and threats faced by the firm, its competitive advantage, and a strategic focus reveal the issues that need to be addressed henceforth for it to remain relevant in an increasingly competitive global market. The paper provides a problem statement, alternatives, and recommendations that Wyndham Worldwide can engage. The internal environment analysis focuses on current marketing strategy and performance, present and anticipatedRead MoreA Case Study of Marriott International9298 Words   |  38 PagesEXECUTIVE SUMMARY Marriott International envisions itself to be the world’s lodging leader. Its mission is to provide the best possible lodging services experience to customers who vary in backgrounds, language, tradition, religion and cultures all around the world. Marriot is committed to environmental preservation through using environment-friendly technology and engages in social responsibility and community engagement.   We value our shareholder’s so we will only take steps that will ensureRead MoreHotel Chain Of Hotels And Resorts2650 Words   |  11 Pages1 Introduction Marriott group of hotels and resorts is an International leader in hotel Industry owning more than 3700 properties making it one of the broadest range of brand portfolio holders in the world. Marriott chain of hotels was founded by Mr. J. Williard Marriott in the year 1950 when he started with two motels. The first motel was established as an airport motel near Washington and served as a quality Inn while the second motel was set up near the Twin Bridges a few years later. The secondRead MoreAnalysis Of The Article Hotel Brand Strategy Essay3118 Words   |  13 Pagesimportance of brand loyalty in context of the hotel industry has become a debated issue. In the hospitality sector, various researchers and scholars have represented different perspective regarding brand loyalty. This paper will focus on critical analysis of the article â€Å"Hotel Brand Strategy†. This paper will provide an insight to the implicit and explicit assumptions made by the authors of the article. Mo reover, relevant evidences have been provided in order to support the fact that these assumptionsRead MoreMarriott: Getting Down to Business with the Business Travelers1385 Words   |  6 Pagesmarkets. Key Marketing Issues †¢ Benefit Segmentation – Marriott has broken up the chain of hotels into at least a dozen segments that benefit certain types of individuals’ specific needs. By segmenting customers into categories based on their needs, the business person, the family on a tight budget and the traveler just wanting to relax after an extended trip across the country all benefit. Segment marketing offers several benefits over mass marketing by enabling Marriot to hone in on productRead MoreMariot Market Segmentation and Targeting966 Words   |  4 Pagesspecifications. What are their functions, who are their targets, and how do they accomplish their tasks in accordance with general Marriott corporate marketing strategy? Marriott believed all customers require a base service level. It also believed that customers differ in their willingness to pay for different levels of comfort and luxury. Management also knew that many customers stay a few nights in a hotel — but a growing number, like business people on assignment — need accommodations for several

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Climax Community free essay sample

An area of the forest that experiences very little change in species composition is a climax community/primary succession. Climax community 2. The amount of oxygen in a fish tank is a tolerance zone/limiting factor that affects the number of fish that can live in the tank. Limiting factor 3. Ecological succession/Secondary succession describes the events that take place on a hillside that has experienced a destructive mudslide. Ecological succession 4. Lack of iron in the photic zone of the open ocean restricts the size of the plankton populations. Iron is what kind of factor for marine plankton? C. limiting 5. According to the graph, which letter represents the zone of tolerance for the factor in question? D. D 6. What does the letter â€Å"D† in the graph represent? A. zone of tolerance 7. Which letter represents the zone of physiological stress? C. C 8. Which is a place you most likely would find pioneer species growing? D. We will write a custom essay sample on Climax Community or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page newly formed volcano 9. Career in Biology A state parks and wildlife department stocks several bodies of water, including rivers and lakes, with rainbow trout. The trout survive, but do not reproduce. In terms of tolerance, discuss what might be happening. They maybe limited by the temperature of the water they live in. 10. Short Answer Describe how the successional stages would differ from primary succession. 11. Open Ended Explain why the concepts of limiting factors and tolerance are important in ecology. They are important because theses factor might help explain why the population of a species is decreasing or increasing. 12. Infer whether species diversity increases or decreases after a fire on a grassland. Explain your response. Increase because after a fire perennial grasses and herb are not eliminated to their underground stem, which means that the wildlife will continue to flourish. 13. Generalize the difference between a successional stage and a climax community. 14. The condition of the atmosphere. Weather 15. The average conditions in an area. Climate 16. A biome characterized by evaporating exceeding precipitation. Desert 17. Which best describes the distribution of communities on a tall mountain? B. Several communities might be stratified according to altitude and might end in an ice field at the top of the highest mountains. 8. Which area receives the least amount of solar energy per unit of surface area? 19. What is the name for the large geographic areas with similar climax communities? Which biome occurs in the United States and once contained huge herds of grazing herbivores? C. grassland 21. Which land biome contains the greatest species diversity? D. tropical rain forest 22. Open Ended Describe a biome that might be found in the shaded are below. Tropical seasonal forest would be a biome that might be found in the shaded area. 3. Open Ended In December 2004, a huge iceberg caused a large number of penguin chicks to die of starvation. Ice shelves broke apart in areas where the air temperature increased. The parents of the penguins cut off their food source. How is this an example of temperature limiting factor. The air temperature increased which caused the penguins to die stopping the numbers and distribution. 24. Suggest why land biomes are classified according to their plant characteristics rather than according to the animal that inhabit them. I think they are classified by plants and not animals because the kind of plants growing there will determine what type of animal would survive in the area. 25. Classify a biome that is warm to hot in the summer and cool or cold in the winter and that receives approximately 50-8 cm of precipitation annually. Temperate grassland. 26. A(n) area where freshwater and saltwater meet provides a habitat for a diversity of organisms. An estuary provides a habitat for a diversity of organisms. 27. The well-lit portion of the ocean is the area where all of the photosynthetic organisms live. The limnetic zone is the area where all of the photosynthetic organisms live. 28. The shoreline of the ocean contains communities that are layered depending on how long they are submerged by tides. The intertidal zone contains communities that are layered depending on how long they are submerged by tides. 29. Where is the largest percentage of water located? C. oceans 30. In which area of the lake is there likely to be the greatest diversity of plankton? Which best describes the intertidal zone on rocky shore? B. he communities are adapted to shifting sands due to incoming waves 32. Short Answer How is light a limiting factor in oceans? As depth increases light decreases so organisms that require light to survive are unable to live in the cold, dark areas of oceans. 33. Short Answer Describe characteristics of an estuary. A place of transition from freshwater to saltwater and from land to sea. 34. Open Ended Describe adaptations of an organism living in the abyssal zone of the ocean. They had to adapt to the cold temperature also make an adaptation to the type of food they eat.

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When you helpde someone free essay sample

There is a famous quote A Friend in need is friend indeed! The term friend has various meanings in todays life and is overused these days especially with the social media. In todays modern world, everyone that you have ever known in your lifetime Is called a Friend. But a true meaning of friendship is totally different. A true friend Is someone who is able to lend a hand when youre in need. He Is always there for you and has an open heart to listen to your problems. He deeply cares for you and is looking for your wellbeing He is honest to you and Is able to stop you from making stakes. There are so many other characteristics of a good friend but the most Important characteristics that I look In friendship are a persons willingness to help, a good listener and honesty. A quality that makes a good friend Is ability of the person to help you. We will write a custom essay sample on When you helpde someone or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page When you are stuck on a problem In life, a good friend will help you to solve the problem.He will work hard with you to arrive to different solutions of the problem. He will be with you until you are able to successfully resolve the Issue. He will not leave you alone half-way. He will cheer you up when you are sad and lonely y telling you a silly joke or acting silly or having a bowl of ice-cream. A true friend will feel restless when you are not feeling good and will do everything to bring back happiness in your life. Another quality of a good friend is that who listens to you.Sometime you just need someone to listen to you and that makes your heavy heart light. A good friend will be there for you to listen to you even if it is a middle of night. This is because he deeply cares for you good in your life. He will not shy away from you when you need an ear to listen. He will make sure that he has the time for you no matter how busy he is. One more quality that I look in a friend is that person is honest to you. A good friend will tell you when you are making mistakes.He will stop you from making mistakes in life and will show you the right path. He will never take you on a wrong road in life and will be very trustworthy. He will always alert you if you are in a danger of doing something wrong. In the same way, when you have done something right, he is also there to honestly tell you that the action you took was the right one. He is there to support you and maintains his integrity in friendship with you. A true friend is someone who is helpful, a good listener and honest.